"Teens reaching out to help the homeless"
"Teens reaching out to help the homeless"

We are a National Movement by teens, helping the homeless population across the country. We collect thousands of warm jackets, gloves and hats from the unclaimed lost and found at ski resorts, and distribute them to the homeless. 

      7,200                                            4,825

items of warm clothing delivered                                       homeless community members helped


Are you a ski resort with an overflowing lost and found?   Check out our partner ski resorts across the country, and join the movement!


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About us

Learn our story about two best friends who decided to make a difference in the lives of the homeless, and meet our board members!



Come see what we have been up to lately and who is recieving our donations!



Contact us now for more information on how you can make a difference in the lives of the homeless!

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What's New



February, 2015-Just picked up new donations from Kirkwood, Mt. Rose, Stowe, Crested Butte, Squaw and Sugar Bowl Resorts! These items will be sorted and donated to #helpthehomeless!


January, 2015-Welcome Alpine Meadows Ski Resort to the Warm Winters team!  Thrilled to partner with you this season to #helpthehomeless!


December, 2014-Welcome Squaw Valley Ski Resort to the Warm Winters team!  So excited to work with you this season to #helpthehomeless!


December, 2014-Stoked to welcome Snowbasin in Utah to the Warm Winters team!  Looking forward to working with you to #helpthehomeless this season!


November, 2014-A huge Warm Winters welcome to Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe in Nevada! Thrilled to partner with you this season to #helpthehomelesss!


November, 2014-Welcome to Windham Mountain Resort in New York!  Can't wait to work with you to #helpthehomeless in your community this season!


November, 2014-Super Stoked to welcome Daron Rahlves as an honorary board member at Warm Winters!  Daron is a big supporter of our work clothing the homeless.


November, 2014- Welcome to Diamond Peak Resort in Nevada, and Telluride Ski and Golf Resort in Colorado! Excited to partner with you this winter to #helpthehomeless in your community!




Watch this video to see our co-founder talk about Warm Winters!

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